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Kevin Owens pipe bombs right before Extreme Rules

On the go home show for Extreme Rules. Kevin drops a pipe bomb that all fans needed. Finn Balor vs Shinsuke, Bayley vs Nikki Cross part two, a Triple threat match, Aleister Black’s opponent is revealed and a surprise main event. See what all went down tonight on Smackdown Live, right here!

A parking lot brawl. The fallout and pipe bomb. A dream match.

The opening leads to leads to the Kevin Owens pipe bomb.

The show opens to us seeing Dolph Ziggler making his way to the arena. Kayla intercepts Ziggler for an impromptu interview. Just as Dolph was about to state his case, Kevin Owens rolls up behind Ziggler in his rental car. Owens listens in disgust and honks his horn to interrupt the interview. This leads the two to have words with each other and then a brawl. After being separated from unused talent, Shane arrives and tells Owens to leave. The main event is off, Ziggler can stay but Kevin must leave.

A classic pipe bomb and fantastic promo by Kevin Owens.

Just as the show was going to begin, Kevin Owens hops the barrier and delivers a (scripted) pipe bomb that made fans and social media smile. Owens starts off with the McMahon’s statement about listening to the fans. However, all the fans get is more Shane McMahon. Kevin tells McMahon that he has the nerver to be called “Best In The World”, when all he is doing is taking TV time away from Apollo Crew, Asuka, Buddy Murphy, Ali, ect. Shane cuts off Owens mic twice, even going to thte sound board to shut down Owens. Shane then sends security down to the ring and KO bails out. What a fantastic promo!!


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Finn Balor. Shinsuke wins via Kinsasha pin fall.

A dream match that we didn’t think we would see in WWE’s main roster. Yes, the fans thought it would happen in the beginning, but now it’s here. What was given is a mixed bag, Nakamura displayed his hard strikes that helped get him over in Japan. However, Finn just became a punching bag. This is unfortunate because in Japan, this duo had some of the best matches ever.

Shin and Finn start off by looking for an opportunity. Nak finds an opening and starts his famous hard strikes. This lasts well into the PIP break and after the break, Finn comes back. However, Shin ties up Finn on the ropes and hits a Sliding German Suplex. Then tosses Finn out of the ring, after a beating from Nak, Finn slides back into the ring. Only to be caught by the Kinsasha for the pin fall.

Shin finally winning clean is a nice surprise, but at the expense of Finn Balor. In which WWE seem to not know what to do with a title holder. That is almost criminal from a fan’s viewpoint.

Bayley and Nikki Cross part two. Cross makes a statement. The Women’s Tag Team Champions have a date.

Bayley and Cross part two.

Fresh off of WWE’s Raw, Bayley and Cross meet again to sign their contract. Bayley goes on about how Alexa Bliss is using Nikki. Cross goes on how Bayley cannot keep friends. This is stale and a fluffer piece. Nikki then tells Bayley to take a seat and watch how she is going to destroy her opponent, Carmella.

Nikki Cross vs Carmella. Cross wins via Swinging Neckbreaker pin fall.

Well, Nikki was correct. She pummeled Carmella from the start, just over taking Carmella from every angle. Mella did get some offence in with a couple of Super Kicks. However, Cross catches the last Super Kick and hits the Swinging Neckbreaker for the pin fall.

The IIconics have a date.

Backstage the IIconics are shown laughing while leaving their locker room. Paige, Asuka, Kari Sane ( I refuse to call them the Kabuki Warriors) meet up with them. Paige has harsh words with the champs. Calling them cowards, always having an excuse, etc, challenges them to a title match tonight. The IIconics refuse, stating that Billie has “Mad Cow Flu”. Paige then slaps the holy heck out of Billie. But before Billie can respond, Paige says “wait, you’re sick… right?”. This ends with Paige telling the IIconis that they have a date later on.

Triple Threat match. Aleister Black opponent is revealed. The new main event.

Otis vs Xavier Woods Vs Daniel Bryan. Otis wins via Pop-Up Slam pin fall.

The match started with promos between all of the participants. Shortly after the promos, the match starts with Daniel Bryan rolling out the ring. Otis takes out Woods with a big shoulder blast. Bryan gets back in the fight, but Otis just rams Daniel in the corner post. Woods springs up to suplex Otis and fails, Bryan joins in to help and both fail. Leading to Otis to suplex both Bryan and Woods at the same time! Rowan interferes, leading Big E and Tucker to smash the Redwood in to the table.

This leads the match being restarted. Woods now in control, runs Bryan into the barricades. Xavier then attempts a top turnbuckle missle dropkick, but fails. Daniel cinches in the LaBelle Lock, only for Otis to break it up. The charismatic Otis then hits his Caterpillar and counters Woods DDT with a pop-up slam for the pin fall.

Aliester Black gets his opponent.

After weeks of build up and Black screaming that please someone fight him, he gets his answer. After circling the empty chair, his opponent sits down. Cesaro!!! The Swiis Cyborg cuts a short promo and Black is very happy. Guess what? So is a lot of the WWE fans, this a dream match!A pure striker vs one of the most powerful pound for pound wrestlers. Let’s hope they get a 25-30 min showcase at Extreme Rules.

The main event. Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler. Roman wins via Spear pin fall.

I know, fans may groan reading this but didn’t watch the show. This was the perfect match to end SDL, why? I’ll tell you why.

Shane McMahon and cronies Elias and Drew McIntyre sit at ringside. Reigns is in control over the Show Stopper. Roman goes for a big Samoan Drop, but Ziggler counters with a dropkick to elbow drop. After a two count, Dolph takes it to Roman and keeps reigns to the mat. Reigns fights back, landing a Samoan Drop and clothesline. The Big Dog stares in the direction of Shane McMahon. That is all it took to Shane and his cronies to interfere.

Roman hits Elias with the Superman Punch, Dolph takes advantage with a Zig-Zag. Dolph goes for a Super Kickafter the failed pin fall, but Roman connects with the Superman Punch. Ziggler kicks out, leading Roman to attempt a Spear. Drew pulls out Dolph for a save. Then Roman leaps over the top ropes to take out the team of Drew and Elias. Kevin Owens returns to the fight and hits Shane with a KO Stunner. Allowing Roman to Spear Ziggler for the pin fall.

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