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It’s the Final Monday Before Money in the Bank!

Monday night Raw is broadcasting tonight from London, England for a night filled with MitB hype.

Kicking off the show for the opening promo segment is MizTV. After hyping both the MitB matches and his own steel cage match against Shane McMahon, Miz brings out one of this week’s wild cards Roman Reigns. They discuss Roman’s PPV match against Elias and then segue into an intense promo from Miz about the steel cage match. The brings out Shane McMahon to distract them while Bobby Lashley and Elias attacked from behind.

Miz & Reigns vs Lashley & Elias

Of course this all lead to a tag team match, because that’s what happens in WWE nearly every week. It was a decent, if formulaic, tag match until Shane interfered by attacking Roman to prevent him from tagging in. The 3 heels ganged up on Miz until Reigns got back to his feet and made the save. The heel trio then turned their attention to the Big Dog until Miz re-entered the fray with a chair. The faces stood tall in the ring to end the segment.

Universal Champion Seth Rollins is shown talking to someone backstage on the way to commercial. After the break, the video team got to show off what they do with an epic package about Rollins’ and Styles’ journeys toward their Universal Title match on Sunday. Each man will be back later in the show with interviews.

Charly Caruso attempts to interview Braun Strowman backstage, but their interrupted by a guy telling Braun that Shane McMahon wants to see him. When we arrive in Shane’s office we find Sami Zayn complaining about what Strowman did to him last week. They set up a falls count anywhere match for later in the night. If Zayn wins he gets Braun’s spot in the MitB match on Sunday.

Mojo Rawley vs Apollo Crews

Rawley made the Monday night debut of his new music, look and attitude. Crews is wild card #3 of the night. The match barely gets started before crews seemingly injures himself. Rawley laughs in his face, delivers a finishing move, and picks up the quick pin.

Alexa Bliss is backstage on the phone yelling at someone about losing her bags. Nikki Cross shows up acting sweet and concerned (where’s my favorite crazy woman??). It’s unclear who is supposed to be manipulating who in the segment, but when it’s done they’ve decided that since Alexa doesn’t have her ring gear Nikki will take her place in a fatal fourway match tonight.

Women’s Championship Contract Signings

With double champion Becky Lynch set to defend both of her belts on Sunday, they’re doing a double contract signing tonight. Out 1st is the challenger for the Raw title Lacey Evans. Out next is the SD title challenger Charlotte Flair. Finally joining them in the ring is the Champ Champ Becky 2 Belts.

The Man displays her usual confidence throwing barbs at both of her opponents, including referring to them as “twin sisters.” Charlotte and Lacey both do their usual schtick to roars of disapproval from the London crowd. As is often the case at contract signings, the verbal blows soon become physical ones. Lynch holds her own at first, but two on one is too much. The heels put Becky through the signing table and end the segment holding the belts high.

Baron Corbin vs Ricochet

Two of the 8 men participating in the MitB match face off so that the announce team can spend the entire match hyping MitB. I can’t remember if these guys have faced each other much previously, but they have surprisingly good chemistry. The action is fast and fluid with Ricochet doing his usual flips and tricks and Corbin holding his own. Eventually Corbin is able to hit End of Days and pick up the pinfall victory.

After the match, Baron brings a ladder into the ring and climbs it to show what could happen on Sunday. Ricochet recovers and knocks over the ladder to stand tall going into commercial.

Footage is shown of Samoa Joe talking to Rey Mysterio’s son last week. Charly interviews Rey in the locker room to get his reaction, but they are interrupted by Cesaro. Insults lead to fists flying.

Another classic WWE hype video is shown, this time about Roman Reigns’ journey and recovery from illness

AJ Styles gets a backstage interview to hype his Universal Title match against Seth Rollins on Sunday.

Naomi vs Natalya vs Dana Brooke vs Nikki Cross

This was supposed to be a showcase for the 4 Raw women competing in MitB this weekend, but as we saw earlier Cross is subbing tonight for Alexa Bliss. Bliss comes out to join the announce desk for the match. For much of the match Naomi and Nikki were the stars while Natty and Dana were just there. Dana did get one good spot for herself when she brought out a ladder and dove from it on top of all 3 other women. Oddly it was Cross, the woman NOT in Mitb, who scored the victory by pinning Natalya.

After the match, Nikki and Alexa moved the ladder into the ring so that Bliss could grab the briefcase.

Sami Zayn cuts a promo on Braun in a hallway.

Rey Mysterio vs Cesaro

Before the match, Samoa Joe cuts a cell phone promo on Rey from a locker room. I know that the basis of Mysterio’s schtick is the underdog who somehow overcomes larger opponents, but he spent a lot of this match in peril. You would think they would want him looking a little less weak to build momentum for the US Title match on Sunday. Rey did get the victory when all was said and done thanks to a 619 followed by a frog splash.

Recap of the Uso’s pranks against the Revival in recent weeks is followed by a locker room promo from the top guys.

Firefly Funhouse

This week in the Funhouse Bray has a secret to reveal to all of his Fireflies. He says he’s learned to control his darkness now and reveals what I assume is his new ring gear. He has red and black striped pants, a black leather jacket, and a scary clown mask. The announcers are stunned but quickly move on to recapping events from earlier in the night.

Seth Rollins backstage interview.

Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn: Falls Count Anywhere with MitB spot on the line

After starting in the ring they take the match through the fans and into the merchandise area. Baron Corbin gets involved to try and help eliminate Strowman from Sunday’s match.

After a commercial break we’re back inside the arena with just Braun and Sami. Zayn is utilizing a steel chair until Strowman rips it from his hands. When Braun starts to go for a ladder Sami retreats to the backstage area. Now it’s Drew McIntyre’s turn to interfere.

All of these shenanigans have only made Strowman more angry. He throws a variety of things around en route back to the entrance ramp where he starts burying Zayn under ladders. Both Corbin and McIntyre are back double teaming Braun. After putting him through a ladder, they drag Zayn over and help him get the pin.

Sami Zayn will now replace Strowman in the men’s MitB match. He may not be 100% though after the monster among men recovered and put him through the announce table.

Tune in tomorrow night for the final PPV hype from SDL, and on Friday we’ll have your official Scrum preview of every match on Sunday’s card.





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