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HHH has Becky Lynch figured out

Tonight on Smackdown Live, HHH has a message for Becky lynch. Randy Orton and Mustafa Ali face off for the first time. A new tag team wins their first match. Elimination Chamber preview match between Daniel Bryan and Jeff Hardy. A triple threat women’s tag team match. 

The Game meets The Man. New tag team wins.

The Man and The Game enter.

Charlotte Flair starts off the show, but it’s all a set up for a suspended Becky Lynch to enter from the crowd. The Man grabs a mic and gets in to a shouting match that would make Daytime TV proud. Enter The Game, things quickly quiet down and HHH goes to tell Becky that the rules are simple. HHH tells Becky to see a doctor and get cleared, or remain suspended. As The Game walks out, Becky asks on how Stephanie doing, is she medically cleared? The Game steps back in, and tells Becky that he has all figured out. HHH states that Becky is a self destructor, finding ways to get out of situations, even if it costs her heath. Hunter states that is what happened when Becky invaded Raw and was injured. HHH states that Becky is afraid, Becky is afraid that Ronda will expose her as a fraud. The Lass Kicker had enough and strikes HHH. They both stare each other down and Lynch walks away with a smirk.

The Good Brothers vs Rusev/Shinsuke Nakamura. Rusev wins via Machka Kick pinfall.

Gallows quickly attacks Rusev and Shinsuke, Gallows is control over Nakamura with power moves, and tags in Anderson. Shinsuke then tags in Rusev and The Bulgarian Brute over powers Anderson, until Anderson fights back and lands a Suicide Dive on the new tag team. Anderson, has Rusev in the corner with fast attacks, but The Brute uses his strength to fight out. Rusev tags in Nakamura and the King of Strong Style lands vicious knees on Anderson. Nakamura goes for the Kinsasha, yet Anderson counters with a big Spine Buster.

A hot tag ensues to both Gallows and Rusev and the two big guys go at it. Gallows is complete control over both Rusev and Nakamura. Sending Shinsuke outside the ring. Lana gets involved and helps Shinsuke get back in the ring. Just in time to counter the Magic Killer, The Good Bros were about to place on Rusev. The Brute than lands a Machka Kick Anderson for the pinfall.

The Viper vs The Heart of 205 Live. The Planet’s Champion. Women’s tag team triple threat match.

Randy Orton vs Mustafa Ali. Orton wins via RKO pinfall.

For the first time, Orton faces off against Mustafa Ali. The match quickly starts off with Orton over powering Ali, even smirking while doing so. Mustafa slightly overcomes the attacks with a couple of chops, but Orton regains control. With the fight outside, The Viper then slams Ali on the announcers table. Orton then slings Ali back in the ring and attacks Ali in the corner. Mustafa then flips out of the corner, quickly hits the ropes, but Randy hits his perfect Power Slam. The Viper then has Ali on top of the turnbuckle and delivers a Superplex, bouncing Ali’s body off the canvas.

After the break, Orton lands a succession of European Uppercuts. Ali fights back with a pop up dropkick, and the fight spills outside again. Randy attempts to slam Ali on the announcers table again, but Ali flips out of it, and launches at Orton. Taking a toll on the Viper, Ali is dangerously in control. Randy goes for his suspended DDT, but Ali kicks Orton in the head. Mustafa then hits a rolling X-Factor, Ali climbs the turnbuckle and fakes out Orton waiting for an RKO.  Mustafa then goes for the inverted 450, The Viper pulls Ali off the turnbuckle , and lands an RKO for the pinfall. Great match, Then Samoa Joe enter and demolishes both men, making an Elimination Chamber statement.

Washington’s favorite son, The Planet’s Champion.

Samoa Joe starts to walk backstage, then Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Joe is licking his chops, about to attack Bryan, but Rowan shortly walks out. Joe wisely sidesteps and The Planet’s Champion cuts a great promo. The crowd is ecstatic for their hometown superstar. Whatever heel statement he makes, they love it. Bryan really feeds off the crowd and delivers a great promo, even telling the crowd to not “what?!” Rowan. Whether you like Bryan’s new character or not, you can not deny Bryan’s ability in the ring and on the microphone.

Naomi/Carmella vs IIconics vs Mandy Rose/Sonya DeVille. Mandy Rose wins via Bed of Roses for pinfall.

In a match that really wouldn’t be covered, is covered. Two of the tag teams are in the tournament for the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Titles without even fighting for the chance. That would be The IIconics and Rose/DeVille, I guess now known as “Fire and Desire”. So the match starts off with Carmella against Deville, Sonya in control tags in Rose. Mandy quickly runs away, tags Billie Kay from the IIconics when Naomi is tagged in. Carmella then gets tagged in to showcase the IIconics tag moves. Sonya DeVille then blind tags in, DeVille and Rose then beat down Carmella. The Stanton Island Princess finaly fights out and hot tags Naomi. The Glow bringer cleans house, hitting a nice triple kick on Deville and taking out the IIconics. Naomi then gets a hold of Rose, pounding her in to the mat. DeVille breaks it up long enough for Rose to hit the Bed of Roses for the pinfall over Naomi.

The Charismatic Enigma vs The Planet’s Champion.

Jeff Hardy vs Daniel Bryan. Jeff Hardy wins via disqualification, via Rowan interference.

In a match that was good, but could’ve been great, Bryan defends his Organic WWE title vs Jeff Hardy. THe match started out in a back and forth between the two, without either of the competitors gaining an advantage. The main event duo trade hits from Hardy’s shoulder block to Daniel’s European Uppercuts. The battle spills outside and Hardy hits a Slingshot dropkick, when going for another attack Rowan steps in. This allows Bryan, to drop Hardy on his surgically repaired shoulder.

After the break, Hardy is in a Hammerlock, in which Jeff fights out of. Bryan quickly regains control and targets the repaired shoulder. Hardy gets in some offense and attempts the Twist Of Fate, but Bryan pushes off. Daniel then kicks the ropes to strike Jeff’s jaw and lands what I like to call “The Eco Kicks”, formally known as the “Yes Kicks”. Hardy ducks the final Buzzsaw kick, hits the Twist of Fate, and the Swanton Bomb! Jeff goes for the cover, but Rowan pulls him off, earning the DQ for Bryan.

The aftermath.

Rawon beats on Hardy and Bryan locks in the LeBelle Lock on him. This is only the beginning, as Samoa Joe storms in to finish what he started and slaps the Coquina Clutch on Bryan. The Viper, Randy Orton then arrives and gp toe to toe with Joe. Mustafa Ali shows up and hits a double dropkick from the top turnbuckle on Joe and Orton. This all leads to The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles to put his stake in the fight. Styles hits a rush of flurries on Orton, a Penalty Kick on Samoa Joe, and a Phenomenal Forearm on Jeff Hardy. Daniel Bryan and Rowan quickly retreat backstage in which leads to a backstage rant on that none of them will get the title. Because that is what the planet needs, until next week, that is the show folks.

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