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Fallout from Extreme Rules continues on Smackdown Live

The fallout from WWE’s Extreme Rules continues. A “town hall meeting”, a Women’s tag Team title match. Kevin Owens gets going, a Extreme Rules rematch. See all what went down right here!

Town hall meeting. A rematch. The Queen takes on new challengers.

The stars have a platform.

The show starts off with the very annoyance of fans, Shane McMahon holding a town hall meeting. Roman Reigns gets on the mic first and tells Shane that no one respects him. Quickly, Charlotte Flair states the from one family to another they do. Liv Morgan quickly jumps on the mic a states that was fake as everything about Charlotte is. The Queen retorts with “you still work here?”. Up next is Apollo Crews and reinstates what Kevin Owens has said before. Leading to Zelina Vega to ask for him to back it up.

Elias strums his guitar and has some words. But The New Day interrupts, stating on how long it took Kofi to get a shot at the title. Shane had the mic cut off and apologizes. Cesaro gets on a live mic and ask to fight Aleister Black and Shane agrees, shortly Kevin Owens arrives in the ring to hit a sloppy KO Stunner on Shane.

Aleister Black vs Cesaro. Aleister wins via Black Mass pin fall.

A rematch from Extreme Rules had it’s high points, but you can’t have these men wrestle for 10 minutes and call it a day. So it starts off with Cesaro going for a new game plan and attempting to stay close to Black. For the most part it worked, with the Dutch Destroyer having a harder time pulling off strikes. However, Aleister mounted a comeback, leading to Black lifting up Cesaro with his boot to hit the Black Mass and the pin fall.

Charlotte Flair vs Liv Morgan. Flair wins via Figure 8 submission.

After Liv called out Flair for being fake all over, the feisty competitor jumps all over Flair. Hitting jumping kicks, strikes, and a hurricanrana. But as Morgan goes for a siplex, Flair takes over. Charlotte hits her chest chops after chocking Liv on ropes. Flair goes for a back drop, but Liv hits an Enzuiguri and back stomp. Morgan goes for another hurricanrana, but Flair catches Liv and powerbombs her. Allowing for Flair to lock in the Figure 8 for the win.

Fire and Desire find new foes. 6-man tag team match. SDL’s Tag Team Title match.

Ember Moon/Bayley vs Mandy Rose/Sonya DeVille. Moon wins via Eclipse on Mandy Rose for pin fall.

After weeks of Sonya/Mandy bullying Moon, the fiery Ember announces her tag team partner.. Bayley. The duo of Moon and Bayley make quick work of Rose and DeVille. After an attack from Rose and DeVille on Bayley. The ref attempts  to restore order, allowing for Bayley to hot tag Moon in. Ember goes to work on Rose with hard kicks and climbs the top rope. Sonya goes to knock her off, but Bayley intercepts with a Bayley-to-Belly suplex. Giving Moon the shot to hit the Eclipse on Rose for the pin fall.

A scramble for the titles. 6-Man tag match. SDL Women’s Tag Team Title match.

The hunt begins.

Daniel Bryan gave a rant about elevating the SDL tag team division after losing the belts after Extreme Rules. This lead to New Day to celebrate on SDL tonight holding all the major titles. Big E mocks Bryan and tells him that they accept the looming rematch. Bryan walks out with Rowan and says nothing, in disgust. Cory Graves states that Big E ruined the announcement and Samoa Joe music hits. Joe goes on a promo to get a rematch with Kofi, Elias music hits and tells Joe he had his chance. Then Randy Orton’s music hits and he brags that he owns the most dangerous letters in WWE, R-K-O. Elias then proposes a match to send a message. Elias/Joe/Orton vs New Day.

Joe/Orton/Elias vs The New Day. Orton wins via RKO on Kofi for pin fall.

This should’ve been the main event as all 6 men shined. Elias starts off with Kofi and the champ knock down the Drifter for a two count. The Viper provides a distraction allowing Elias to attack Kofi from behind. Joe gets tagged in and works over Kofi. But the heart of New Day will not back down landing knee shots. Kingston then tags in Woods and he hits a big flying elbow, then tags in Big E.

The muscle of New Day hits a big splash on Samoa Joe, Elias runs in only to be caught be Big E. Elias is now stretched and spanked by Big E. After hitting a slam, Xavier is tagged in. Woods and Big E hit a tag team Wheel Barrow on Elias for a two count. The Viper regains control of the maatch with a cheap shot on Woods. After the break the two teams trade shots, Woods hits Elias with a Missile Dropkick.

Kofi and Randy now go at it, Kofi hitting the Boom Drop. Goes for the Trouble In Paradise, but Orton counter with an RKO attempt and Kofi counters that with a crossbody. Big E runs in and hits a big Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Elias for breaking a pin cout. Samoa Joe pulls Woods on to the floor, Kofi hits a Trouble in Paradise on Elias. Then the Viper strikes with a RKO from outta nowhere and secures the win.

Kabuki Warriors vs IIconics for the SDL Women’s Tag Team titles. Kabuki Warriors win via count out, IIconics retain titles.

Peyton Royce ans Kari Sane start the match off, with Royce taunting Sane. But it backfires with Sane hitting a big chop and Head Scissors takedown. Leading to a tag team move with Asuka hitting a front facing Code Breaker. After a two count. Peyton tags in Billie and she taunts ASuka. The Empress of Tomorrow answers with a big roundhouse kick, rolling Billie outside the ring. The ref starts to count to ten, Billie was about to get back in until Peyton pulls her leg and the counts goes to 10. The Kabuki Warriors win, but the IIconic retain the titles. Afterwards the IIconics receive a beating from Kari and Asuka.

Town hall meeting match. Another rematch from Extreme Rules.

Apollo Crews vs Andrade. Crews wins via roll up pin fall.

After the challenge issued by Zelina at the start of the show, the match commences. Andrade attacks Crews before he enters the ring, and Vega cheers him on. Crews tells the ref he is good to go and the match starts. Andrade pummels Crews into a corner and just works him over throughout the match. Andrade’s undoing is when he went for a running double knee, Crews dodges and rolls him up for the pin fall.

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler. No Contest

As Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring, he is looking over his shoulders for any potential attacks. There is none and the bell rings, Ziggler goes for an early Super Kick and Owens goes for aa Stunner, both fail and two regroup. Owens then taunts Dolph, allowing Kevin to attempt a Senton, But Ziggler counters with the knees. Dolph hits the Fame-Asser for a close two count.

Ziggler now in control for most of the match, until Owens drops him with a Super Kick. Now the reinforcements arrive, with Shane and the entire heel locker room surrounding the ring. Owens gets distracted and Dolph hits the Zig Zag for a two count. Kevin eventually fights back and hits the KO Stunner, just when the ref is counting to three Shane pulls Owens out. Leading to Owens to hit the KO Stunner on Shane and wisely running out of the arena. The stable of heels runs after him as Shane is left licking his wounds.

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