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Egos run tonight’s Raw. Therapy sessions. Roman Reigns fights two matches.

Tonight’s Raw is fueled by egos. Which forces therapy for some and Roman to fight two matches. Baron Corbin initiates his newest feud. AOP continues to make a statement in ring. What will be the Raw matches at Extreme Rules? Find out here on our Rawtrospective!


The Roman Empire takes a hit. The Broken “Ones” face off. Therapy Session. AOP controls a Worldwide audience.


Roman and his ego starts the show.

Reigns starts the show off in the ring and calling out Bobby Lashley. Stating that Lashley has a big ego and that he could’ve won last weeks match. If it was not for Lashley being the worst tag team partner in history. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits. Ziggler, accompanied with Drew McIntyre. Questions Roman’s rant. Dolph, asks if Roman realizes his ego. After the exchange, Drew and Ziggler attack Roman. Shortly afterwards, Seth runs in for the save. It is announced later that Roman Reigns will now have two tag team matches. One with Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. The other with Bobby Lashley vs The Revival.


Matt Hardy vs Curtis Axel

The Broken One Matt Hardy makes hos way to the ring. Without his tag team partner, Bray Wyatt. Bray was injured last week and could not make it to the show. After Matt Hardy enters the ring a familiar Titantron video arrives. It’s the B-Team’s impersonation of The Deleater’s Of Worlds. Shortly after the video package, the match begins. Matt Hardy is alone, while Curtis Axel is accompanied by his tag team partner, Bo Dallas.

The match starts off with both Hardy and Axel trading moves. However, Axel gains the upper-hand. Hardy quickly goes for the ‘Twist Of Fate’, but Axel counters and rolls outside. After the break, Curtis is control. The Broken one regains control for a short time. Axel launches Hardy in to the ring post and then delivers a face buster for the pin.


Titus Worldwide vs AOP. The Authors of Pain.

Titus starts off the match against Rezar. While both men stalemate. Titus quickly gains control. Bringing in Rezar in to the Worldwide corner. Titus tags in Apollo Crews. Apollo continues to work over Rezar. However, it was short-lived. Rezar tags in Akam. Apollo goes for his signature defensive moves. Yet Rezar blind tags Akam. This leads to the AOP to hit a back flip to Alabama Slam on Apollo. After another tag team combo by AOP. This time a back flip to power bomb, and a pin attempt. Titus comes in to break up the count. AOP then throws Titus in to the ring post. AOP lands The Last Chapter for the pin.

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Roman Reign’s first match of the night. Therapy Sessions. The Constable demands respect.


Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre

Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler start the match off. Both men go back and forth. Countering each others moves. Ziggler finds a way to tag Drew McIntyre in. Seth holds his ground and decides not to tag Roman in. After a brief lock up. Drew overpowers’s Seth. Rollins then goes to attack McIntyre, yet Drew overpowers him again. Seth eventually tags in Roman. Reigns steps in and the two stare each other down.

Roman gets a quick advantage over Drew and Dolph. McIntyre holds Roman long enough for Ziggler to land a Super Kick. Eventually, Roman gets a hot tag to Seth. Rollins goes ballistic. Hitting a succession of high spots. Including his Sling blade, a suicide dive on Drew, a beautiful Frog Splash on Dolph, and a top rope to outside body splash on both Drew and Dolph.

After the break, Ziggler is in control. Seth tries to hot tag Roman, but Dolph hits the Fame-Asser. After the work over Seth endures. Rollins goes to tag in a hungry Roman Reigns. Ziggler goes for another Fame-Asser, but is countered by Seth. Rollins lands a turnbuckle bomb on Dolph. Just as Seth lands a tag to Roman. The Revival swoops in and attack. Earning a disqualification win for Seth and Roman. However, The Revival has other plans. They decimate Reigns. For the match later on tonight.

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Bayley and The Boss, Real Ladies of WWE. Featuring fan favorite, Dr Shelby. The Constable’s newest feud. Liv and The Moon.

Bayley and Sasha. Therapy session.

When most fans heard about the therapy Kurt Angle issued both Bayley and Sasha Banks, they mostly cringed. After watching the therapy session. Well, it’s maybe up for debate. The therapy session was given by no other than fan favorite, Dr Shelby. The doctor, went over his usual antics and had both ladies finally say what they wanted to say to each other. Yes, Dr Shelby is still entertaining.

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The Constable Baron Corbin has a statement.

The Stephanie McMahon appointed Constable of Raw enters the ring. Constable Baron Corbin states that he was appointed to bring out the best out of everyone. However, he calls out Finn Balor and wants an apology from Finn. The charismatic Demon King walks out. Balor issues an apology. Just not the one Corbin wanted. Baron attacks Finn. With Finn gaining control and Baron retreating. Setting up a future match.


Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan

After a brief concert from Elias. Liv Morgan is pumped up for the match. Early in the match, it is shown. Liv Morgan is control for most of the match. Finally showcasing a move set that was not seen in the main roster. Morgan took it to Ember Moon. However, Moon finally gained control and land the Eclipse for the pin.


Roman Reigns second match with Bobby Lashley. Mojo Rawley continues his wrath. Kevin Owens escape plans.

Roman Reigns/Bobby Lashley vs The Revival.

An already beaten down Roman starts the match. In Roman’s weakened state, The Revival work Roman over. Every time Roman has a breather, Lashley is begging to be tagged in. Roman refuses, wanting to prove to Lashley that he is the one who runs the yard. Reigns fights well considering it is his second match and that The Revival attacked him in his first match. However, The Revival is too much. Bobby Lashley had enough. Coming in to save Roman from a pin. After two big spine-busters to The Revival, Lashley begs for a tag. Roman refuses. This leads to The Revival to mercilessly attack Roman and earn a disqualification. The winners are Roman and Lashley. Bobby walks out in disgust, while The Revival continue their attack on Reigns.


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Mojo is not willing.

After the break No Way Jose is in ring for his rematch vs Mojo Rawley. Mojo has other plans. He states that Jose doesn’t deserve a rematch because all he does is dance. Then attacks Jose and his Conga Line. Jose mounts an offense, but is quickly dispatched by Mojo.

Kevin Owens has a plan

After much bargaining to Kurt angle, Kevin Owens must still have his match with The Monster In The Bank Braun Strowman. Both men enter the ring. Owens quickly exits the ring and is counted out. As soon as the count out is official, Strowman goes after the fleeing Owens. The mastermind of escapes, determines that a port-a-potty is the best escape route. However, The Monster sniffs out that plan. Strowman tows the Owens occupied port-a-potty to the stage. Braun sets it up on the edge of the stage and monstrously shpulder tackles the port-a-potty off stage. With Keven Owens inside. Leaving a blue stained and bruised Owens on the floor.


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Worth the watch?

In a sense, maybe. WWE creative seems to be finally listening to fans. Although, not by much. We still have the non sense of certain segments. The matches no one cares about. However, nestled in all that… there was some good content for the build up for Extreme Rules. Hopefully, this will be the year WWE Creative finally understands a great slow build. Even it is only for six weeks.


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