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Daniel Bryan chases The Miz causing Smackdown Live upset

Daniel Bryan searches Detroit for The Miz.  R-Truth plays a surprising role in the main event of Smackdown Live.

Strange alliances pepper the Smackdown Live roster ahead of Hell In The Cell.  Daniel Bryan continues to break through barriers to finally getting his hands on The Miz again.  Another triple threat tag match pushes one team closer to the titles.

Smackdown Live emanates fro Detroit, MI this 4th of September, 2018.

Skipping Town

Renee Young kicks off the show by welcoming Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella to the ring.  The husband and wife tag team are thirsting for blood following a surprise attack at the hands of The Miz and Maryse one week ago.  They immediately call out the A-Listers but Renee advises they unfortunately left the building earlier in the evening.

Before leaving The Miz and Maryse filmed themselves calling out Bryan and Bella in an empty arena prior to TV.  The Miz offers Bryan the chance to save the embarrassment of once again being beaten up in front of a live audience.  The It Couple look smugly into the camera and drop their mics, leaving Bryan and Bella hanging live in the ring.


At this point Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zalina Vega appear and intend to finish what they started last week.  Bryan and Almas in an intense match the previous week unitl interference from The MIz.  Almas and Vega helped assault both Bryan and Bella afterwards.


Tonight yields yet another brilliant match between Bryan and Almas.  When interference is not in play the more experienced Bryan is able to best Almas. After the match The Miz and his wife appear on the big screen to advise Bryan that they have taken the night off to have an expensive Italian dinner at a local restaurant.  Shortly thereafter Bryan and Bella are caught leaving the arena to confront The Miz.

Former Friends Face Off

Charlotte and Becky Lynch continue to build an intense and very genuine rivalry with this verbal confrontation on Smackdown Live.  Lynch will get a title opportunity at Hell In A Cell.


An Empress Returns

Peyton Royce once again faces Naomi in singles competition.  Beforehand however, The IIconics must unleash their annoying prematch banter upon the WWE Universe.  This only enrages Naomi how continues to fall victim to the double team tactics of the IIconics.

Royce enters the ring and is immediately met with a stiff elbow.  Not too long after Naomi rolls up Royce for a quick win.  Naomi has no chance to celebrate as Billie Kay kicks her in the head just after the pinfall.  The IIconics lay waste to Naomi who is defenseless.

Suddenly the WWE Universe hears familiar theme music ring throughout the arena as Asuka sprints to the ring.  She quickly decimates the IIconics as the crowds goes nuts.  It seems as though Asuka and Naomi will form a temporary alliance to counter the numbers game.  If the IIconics are going to continue to succeed against this new pairing they will have to dig deep into their bag of tricks.

Tag Team Turmoil

Continuing the quest to crown new number one contenders for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships, we are treated to another triple threat tag match.  Sanity, Rusev Day and The Usos have a shot to face The Bar for a title opportunity.

While the Usos utilize aerial offense, Sanity and Rusev Day levy brutal strikes on one another.  Unfortunately the high flying backfires on The Usos and seemingly takes them out of the contest due to miscalculation.


Aiden English of Rusev Day certainly redeems himself from any prior mistakes as he saves his partner several times towards the end of the match.  He foils a pin attempt in which Eric Young uses the ropes for leverage.  From there Rusev hits a Machka Kick for the win.  Rusev Day goes on to face The Bar to become number one contenders for the tag team championships.

The Bar certainly provide more of a threat to The New Day’s titles.  However Rusev Day is more in line with The New Day’s comedy routines and could make for a more entertaining match up.  The Bar have also had plenty of title opportunities in the past.  All signs point towards English and Rusev moving on to face the champions.

The Awesome Truth

R-Truth is an accidental genius as he manages to talk his way into the main event of Smackdown Live.  In his continued pursuit of a United States Championship opportunity, he managed to upset The Miz and get Maryse to talk smack about Carmella.  Not only did this garner a match with The Miz but Truth also gets some backup from Carmella who accompanies him to the ring.

Truth provides a worthy opponent for The Miz.  The former team certainly have something to prove to one another.  Earlier in the evening The Miz claimed that since their Awesome Truth tag team R-Truth has not been relevant.  Perhaps this provides the fuel Truth needs to get the best of the Miz for most of the match.

The Miz finally gets the upper hand and goes for his Skull Crushing Finale when Daniel Bryan’s theme music hits.  Their quest to find The Miz leads Bryan and Brie Bella back to the arena and down to the ring.  Truth uses the distraction to roll up the Miz for a shocking win as Bryan and Bella storm the ring.  Before they can land too many punches on the A-Listers, Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zalina Vega intervene seeking to avenge the loss from earlier in the evening.

As The Miz and Maryse escape, Bryan and Bella counter their attackers with dual Yes! Locks.  Gazing at what could be their fate at Hell In A Cell, The Miz and Maryse seem horrified.

With Daniel Bryan having lost their previous encounter, the continuation of this feud at Hell In The Cell does not look good for the Hollywood couple.  All signs point to Maryse being a liability as she lacks the skill of Brie Bella.  Unless They can pull out another dastardly swerve, The Miz and Maryse will certainly lose this mixed tag match.

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