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Big title change and elimination of a title

Tonight on the SDL following the Royal Rumble. A big title change, a defense of the the title and Becky Lynch is called out by Charlotte Flair. Huge four team elimination tag team match for contendership. A title is thrown in the trash, while an Elimination Chamber match is booked. Let’s dive in to SDL from Phoenix, Arizona.

The Man and Queen face off. U.S Title match. Rey Mysterio can’t shake Andrade.

A brawl to start off the show.

The Man Becky Lynch starts off the show. Lynch states that she is proud from working her way from the pre show to headlining, winning the Royal Rumble, and challenging Ronda Rousey for the title. Quickly Charlotte Flair interrupts and say she is proud of Becky as well. Flair is proud of Becky from working her way off the pre show to headlining, but Flair it is all because of her. Charlotte states that Lynch would never be a headliner if it wasn’t for matches with her. The Man lays a brick fist on Flairs jaw and walks out. However the Queen isn’t done, Flair attacks Lynch on the ramp. The two go at it with Flair slamming Becky’s injured knee in the barrier. Lynch still continues the fight, but officials finally break up the fight.

R-Truth vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the U.S Championship. R-Truth wins via roll up pin fall.

In a surprising (I’m using the term lightly) match, R-Truth is granted a match vs Nakamura for the U.S. title for what happened to him at the Royal Rumble. R-Truth says at “one time I was dancing, the nest I was napping”. Ahortly afterwards, the U.S Champion Nakamura enters, and the match begins. R-Truth surprisingly takes quick control and even knocking out the champion outside the ring. However it was short lived, during the picture in picture break, Shinsuke is seen regaining control. Nakamura lands hard strikes after hard strikes and three knee strikes on R-Truth, while R-Truth is exposed on the turnbuckle. Shinuke then attempts the Lanslide, but R-Truth desperately counters with a roll up pin.. FOR THE WIN! Even R-Truth was confused on getting the victory, as he continued to fight. Shinsuke squabbled with the referee for a bit and finally accepts that he lost. Enter Rusev..

Rusev vs U.S Champion R-Truth ( I thought I would’ve never said that). R-Truth wins via Sunset Flip pinfall!

Rusev angrily stomps out and states that R-Truth is not deserving of the title, just like how undeserving it was for him to lose the title at the Rumble. The Bulgarian Brute then challenges R-Truth, Lana then gets involved and gets pushed from Carmella. Rusev runs to confront Carmella, but R-Truth intercepts him and the match begins. Rusev starts off strong, landing a big drop kick and then a headlock to punish a tired champion. R-Truth attempts to fight back, but is quickly overpowered by Rusev. The Brute slings R-Truth from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, landing a splash each time. However, Rusev goes for one more turnbuckle attack and R-Truth counters with a Sunset Flip pinfall for the win! WHAT’S UP!!??

Andrade is still not finished with Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio comes out for some reason, and is interrupted by Zelenia Vega and Andrade. Vega goes on a promo on how Mysterio costed Andrade his chance and Andrade attacks Rey. Hitting Rey Mysterio’s best friend, Eddie Guerrero’s Three Amigos, even with the shoulder shake. Rey Mysterio, finally fights back and hits the 619, with Andrade retreating afterwards. Seemingly this feud is far from over.

Greatest Tag Team In The World celebrate. Elimination tag team match. A title is no more. Elimination Chamber match booked.

Greatest celebration leads in to a match.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team have a celebration, with Shane McMahon a few presents. First it is a video package on their journey in becoming a tag team, the Mr Miz makes his way to the ring. After the crowd chanting “Mr MIZ!”, The Miz father finally states that he is proud of his son. Shane McMahon is not done yet, he tells Miz that the World’s Greatest Tag Team deserves the best challengers. So Shane makes a four team Elimination match, with the winner becoming the number one contender. The Uso’s enter first.

The Uso’s vs The New Day vs The Bar vs Heavy Machinery. The Uso’s win via Splash.

What a match. Otis from Heavy Machinery starts off against Jey Uso, Otis takes control leading Jey to tag in Kofi from New Day. The Caterpillar master is control over Kofi as well and delivering a sit down splash. Big E is now tagged in and a battle of the behemoths begin. The two huge stars attempt to overpower each other but end in a stalemate. Neither can knock over each other and Big E can’t lock in a Octopus Stretch on Otis. Jimmy and Tucker are tagged in briefly, only to Cesaro blind tag in from Tucker. The Bar now does what The Bar does best, hitting fluid tag moves on their opponents.

After the break, Cesaro has Jimmy Uso in a headlock. The Bar is in complete control over the match, until Jey gets a hot tag and takes it to The Bar, and Jey ends it with a Samoan Drop. Big E makes a blind tag along with Kofi to take out Sheanus with a double team move. Otis then blind tags in from a rolling Sheamus and goes after The New Day. Otis and Tucker hits a Compacter to eliminate the New Day.

Down to three teams, the Usos’s take control over Tucker. Sheamus then blind tags in and hits a Brogue Kick on Tucker to eliminate Heavy Machinery. The Uso’s quickly go on a Super Kick fest and Jey hits a Splash on Sheamus for the pinfall and makes their way to the Elimination Chamber.

Nice knowing you WWE Title…

The Planet’s Champion makes his way done to the ring with his new bestie Erick Rowan. Daniel Bryan goes on and on about how he is the truth and how Rowan is his intellectual peer about the present state of the world. Bryan recalls on how AJ Styles called him a hypocrite and Daniel agrees. Bryant agreed he was a hypocrite because he wore a title that was bounded by leather and metal that was manufactured. The Planet’s Champion then introduces the NEW WWE Heavyweight Championship, after throwing the old title in a trashcan. Daniel Bryan states that it must be done because of the sacrifice of “Betsy”, the cow the provided the leather for the title. The new title is completely organic, bounded by 100% hemp.

AJ Styles enters and asks if Daniel Bryan was smoking the prototype of the new title, the show cuts to a break. After the break, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Mustafa Ali are in the ring. They all cut a promo off air, then Samoa Joe enters and cuts all of them down. Joe, makes reference to Hardy’s AA meetings, defanging a Viper, putting Ali to sleep, and asks AJ on how Style’s wife , Wendy is doing. That leads to a brawl, and Bryan yells that “fight all you want, none of you all will get a shot at the title.” Shortly afteward, HHH is on the Titantron and states that Bryan is correct. None will get a shot at the title, but ALL of them will get a shot at the title, at the Elimination Chamber!

There you have it, The Smackdown Live WWE Hempyweight Title match is now booked. With Daniel Bryan defending it against Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Mustafa Ali, Jeff Hardy, and the Viper Randy Orton.


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