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A heel turns in to face, kind of tonight

Tonight on SmackDown Live. A heel kind of turns into a baby face. Implications to the SDL Tag Team titles at Extreme Rules, R-Truth is on a quest, and more story building to Extreme Rules.

KO Show. Muscle of New Day vs The Planets Champ. Nikki Cross has a Moment.

The KO Show.

SDL starts off with the KO Show featuring Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon. After a video package, Owens starts to ask the “hard questions” and questions Shane’s motives. Shane tells Kevin to stick to the cards and then Dolph Ziggler interrupts. Owens then has choice words for Ziggler, stating that he could win a “Hotdog eating contest”, which better than winning nothing in the WWE. The duo ask to have a match between each other to challenge for the SDL title. Shane refuses and makes a tag team match. Ziggler/Owens vs Heavy Machinery and the winner will be in the Extreme Rules Tag Team title match. Making it a Triple Threat match.

Daniel Bryan vs Big E. Daniel Bryan wins via Knee Strike pin fall.

The match started off with Big E in total control. Executing power moves left and right, this lasts until the picture in picture break. During the break Big E chased around Bryan for a bit, then Daniel targeted his surgically repaired knee. The muscle of New Day is on one wheel now, as the Planet’s Champion chops him down. However, Big E musters enough strength to hit a trio of suplexes. With Big E in charge, Rowan at ringside interferes and Xavier Woods takes him out. But it was enough for Daniel Bryan to hit a Running Knee Strike on Big E for the pin fall.

Moment Of Cross. Bayley vs Nikki Cross. Bayley wins via Bayley to Belly pin fall.

Beforehand, Alexis Bliss hands off hosting duties to Nikki Cross, stating that she deserved it. Cross interviews Bayley and the Hugger asks “Who is deserving of a title shot? Alexis or you Nikki?” The Derange One makes an impromptu match.

Nikki goes wild in the beginning and takes it to Bayley. As Cross attempts to capitalize  with offensive structure. Cross hits a Flying Crossbody and Running Bulldog for a two count. Bayley reverses with a Backslide pin attempt, but Nikki counters with a DDT. Bayley regains composure and hits the Bayley To Belly suplex for the pin fall.

R-Truth has a journey. Samoa Joe and Kofi Kingston face off. NXT match.

R-Truth wants his 24/7 title back.

A short interview with R-Truth proclaims that Truth is seeking Drake Maverick after losing the 24/7 title. Screaming that he wants “HIS BABY BACK!!” *cue Chili’s babyback song memes.

The Face Off.

Kofi starts off the promo with Kayla and then enters Joe. Samoa Joe tells Kayla to leave the ring case of “collateral damages” and Kayla does just that. Following the exit, the duo cut promos on each other. With Kofi stating that Joe does nothing but “sneak around”. Joe then tells Kofi he has 5 seconds to shake his hand or else. Kingston gives him the middle finger and a Trouble In Paradise, ending the segment with Joe on his back.

Andreda vs Apollo Crews. Andreda wins via Hammerlock DDT pin fall.

In what could’ve easily been match of the night, turned out to be a fluffer. The two duke it out in the beginning , with Andreda hitting a force of Double Knees. After Crews sends Andrade outside, Crews hits a Moonsault. After the PIP break, Apollo is in control. Crews hits an Enziguri on Andrade and hits a Standing Moonsault. After a two count, Andrade’s manager Zelina hits Crews with a Hurricanrana while the ref is distracted. Allowing Andrade to land the Hammerlock DDT for the pin fall.

A Goddess vs a Moon. Black gets his answer. Reluctant partners team up.

Ember Moon vs Mandy Rose. Ember Moon wins via Eclipse pin fall.

This was a fluff match to make Ember Moon look strong again. After Rose takes a hard knee, she whips Moon into the corner and goes for a running knee. But Ember counters with a Code Breaker and follows it up with an Eclipse for the pin fall. Sonya DeVille helps her girlfrien… umm, pal out of the ring.

Aleister Black gets his fight.

After Black cuts another promo backstage and saying whoever picks a fight with him can reveal themselves at Extreme Rules. That is all we got.

Heavy Machinery vs Kevin Owens/Dolph Ziggler. Heavy Machinery wins via Compactor pin fall.

Otis and Dolph start the awkward tag match off. The duo show off their amateur wrestling background, going back and forth. Ziggler hits his beautiful Dropkick and Otis counters with a turnbuckle smash. Both Daniel Bryan/New Day are at ring side doing commentary and eventually clash. Thus resetting the match after commercial break.

After the break, Tucker and KO face off, Tucker gains control with a dropkick pin attempt for two. Dolph gets a tag in and takes it to Tucker, but has to tag in KO. Owens lands a Standing Bullfrog Splash, only for a two count. Tucker is isolated on one half of the ring, as Ziggler/Owens utilize quick tags. Eventually Tucker hot tags Otis as he runs over Ziggler .

With Owens the legal man, he lands the Super Kick on Otis. However it little damage, Otis tosses out KO and lays out Dolph with a corner splash. What follows is the Caterpillar, the Compactor to allow Heavy Machinery the pin fall and being added to the Tag Team Title match at Extreme Rules.

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