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Get hyped, Lightning fans: it’s playoffs time!

Wayne Masut | Senior Staff Photographer

Tampa Bay Lightning fans are you ready for the playoffs? We here at The Scrum Sports decided to put together a little playlist off videos to get you hyped for the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Here are some of our favorite videos from the past and present.

Our friend Greg Wolf and his boys Special Ed and Stiffy (Three Dads and a Minivan) put together our new favorite Lightning song.

This is hands down one of the most catchy past playoff hype songs.

We had this guy on our podcast a while back, this is hands down our favorite playoff song of all time.

Here’s a new one we hadn’t seen before, pretty catchy and well written (We will be singing this later, as I am sure you will).

While this is not a custom written song, it hypes us up every time we watch it.

Fun Stats From Your Lightning Writers This Season

Michael’s Money, Trevor’s Tantalizing

  1.   Michael (@tampanole2): 1-0 (.1000)
  2.   Trevor Grout (@Trevor_Scrum): 14-3 (.824
  3.   Riley Gillespie-Wilson (@RileyGillespi11): 13-4 (.765)
  4.   Alex Walworth (@ajohnny_09): 3-1 (.750)
  5.   Jake Wolfskeil (@rwswolfman182): 9-3 (.750)
  6.   Ryan Adams (@scrumryanradio): 5-2 (.714)
  7.  Brooks Roland (@BrooksRoland82): 11-6 (.647)

Ryan’s Rollin’

  1.  Michael: 6 (1GP) AVG: 6 G/G
  2.  Ryan: 32 (6GP) AVG: 5.33 G/G
  3.  Jake: 50 (10Gp) AVG: 5 G/G
  4.  Riley: 70 (17GP) AVG: 4.18 G/G
  5.  Alex: 15 (4GP) AVG: 3.75 G/ G
  6. Brooks: 65 (19 GP) AVG: 3.42 G/G
  7. Trevor: 57 (24 GP) AVG: 2.38 G/G

Eyes on the Prize

While this is all fun and games, for the Lightning it’s all business. They open the playoff campaign Wednesday night against the Columbus Blue Jackets at 7PM. It’s go time, Tampa Bay. Let’s see it.



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