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Did Tampa Bay make the right choice by signing Antonio Brown?

The Tampa Bay Bay Buccaneers signed Antonio Brown to a one-year deal today. The 7-time Pro Bowler has over 11,000 yards and 75 Touchdowns in his 9-year career. This adds tremendous talent to an already outstanding receiving core but is it the right move for the Bucs. 


Antonio Brown can be nothing but trouble

Antonio Brown has been nothing but trouble for every team he has been a part of in his career.  The laundry list on Brown is quite long and there is nothing to suggest that will change. In 2017, he streamed a locker room celebration which violated league policy. In 2018 he threw a ball at his Quarterback, stormed off and skipped the remainder of team practices. It resembles more of a 9-year-old than a professional football player.

In 2019 after being traded to the Jon Gruden’s Raiders and earning an additional $30 million in guaranteed money, he put forth an exemplary team effort at training camp…. just kidding no he did not. Brown was so upset over a league helmet policy that not only did he refuse to comply but even tried to sneak his old helmet on the field and when that didn’t work tried to paint it. The troubled WR also threatened not to play if he could not wear his old helmet. He even threatened to hit his GM in the face according to Ian Rapoport. He would never play for the Raiders.


First stop post Raiders

Finally, the beloved Tom Brady vouched for him to come play for the Patriots and what happens… a sexual assault and rape lawsuit is brought against him. He would be released by the pats, a day after his debut.

This man is a child, he has shown time and time again that he is more akin to a 5-year-old than an adult. Despite having tremendous talent, his actions in the past state that he is about nothing besides himself and maybe his old helmet. Not to mention this Tampa Bay team has been coming together and becoming more discipline. What kind of precedent does that send to this team? Antonio Brown is not the guy who is going to continue this attitude in the locker room.


Is there enough balls

There is little arguing that the Buccaneers have one of the deepest receiver cores in the NFL. In addition, even the nicest receives have been known to be a little diva-prone when it comes to getting the ball. The big question here is, how many star receivers can you have on one team and keep them all happy. You already have the best duo in the league in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Do not forget about Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson who have made impacts already this season. What about the Bucs incredible Tight-Ends Cameron Brate and Rob Gronkowski who have each only have 1 touchdown?

Despite Evans and Godwin battling through injuries, they have fought back and have been willing to make sacrifices for this team to win. Bringing in Antonio Brown could upset a balance between Evans and all the other talented receivers the Bucs have, just as they seem to be finding their strides. Antonio Brown is not worth upsetting Mike Evans over. The smart people would take Evans over Brown any day of the week.

Although there could be some upside to this move, overall, it just does not make sense. We are already super deep at receiver. There are other moves, I.e. and extra D-lineman that would make more sense for this team. Brady might be happy, but hopefully the Bucs do not pay for it like every other team that signed Brown has.

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