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Buccaneers fall to the Redskins for sixth loss

At 3-6 the Buccaneers will more than likely miss the playoffs for the 11th straight season. 

Wayne Masut | Senior Staff Photographer

At 3-5 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers still had an outside chance of making the playoffs. Their chances are basically non-existent after a bad loss to the Washington Redskins. The Buccaneers high scoring offense failed to show up only scoring 3 points despite gaining over 400 yards. At 3-6 the Buccaneers will more than likely miss the playoffs for the 11th straight season. 


Buccaneers move the ball, but can’t score

The Buccaneers elected to receive the ball today a departure in the norm for a team that almost always defers, and it looked like a great decision when the Buc’s offense drove right down the field. Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buccaneers offense made it look easy on their first drive driving the length of the field down to the Redskins 19 in only 4 minutes. On 2nd and 7 and the 19 Fitzpratrick threw too high for Shaun Wilson and the ballw as intercepted by Redskins CB Josh Norman.

Washington opened up the scoring with a field goal after both teams exchanged puhnts. The Buccaneers second trip to the red zone came on another drive where everything worked until they were in red zone. The Buccaneers couldn’t get anything going inside the 20, even the ever reliable Cameron Brate had a drop that would’ve been a first down. Chandler Catanzaro come onto the field for a 30 yard field goal and missed wide right. Two trips to the red zone and 0 points scored.

The Buccaneers finally scored on their third trip to the red zone. Chandler Catanzaro with a chance at redemption hit a 33 yard field goal tying the game 3-3.

Buccaneers defense holds Redskins to 6

In game where the offense struggled the defense kept the buc’s in the game, yes you read that correctly. The defense only gave up two field goals in what might’ve been their best half of football all season. A huge performance by them in a half that saw both the offense and the kicker struggle.

Buccaneers continue to misfire in the 2nd

The Buc’s defense kept them alive in the first half but it was all for not. The Buccaneers got the ball back still only trailing by three with a huge chance to swing momentum in their direction. They drove down the field and got into the red zone yet again only to see another missed kick by Catanzaro.

The Redskins with the ball back scored the games first touchdown on a 6 yard pass to Josh Doctson, with the extra point the Redskins took a 13-3 lead. The Buccaneers got the ball back trailing by ten and Ryan Fitzpatrick threw an interception on the first play of the drive. The Redskins would settle for a field goal making it 16-3.

With time running out in a must win game Ryan Fitzptraick drove the team down the field only to have the drive ended by a Jacquizz Rodgers fumble. It was truly a horrendous day for an offense that averaged almost 30 points per game this season.

Koetter and Licht on the hot seat

This was not the performance anyone wanted to see. In a game that was a must win the Buccaneers played one of their worst games of the season.  Ryan Fitzpatrick threw two interceptions and also gave up a fumble. Jacquizz Rodgers fumbled in the 4th quarter that essentially guaranteed Washington the victory. Mike Evans and Cameron Brate both had key passes fall right out of there hands.

While the defense performed well in the first half they still failed to notch a single turnover. The defense has failed to force a turnover since Justin Evans picked off Ben Roethlisberger in week 3. The Redskins offensive line consisted of almost all back ups and only managed to get one sack. with the season slipping through fingers its safe to say Dirk Koetter, Jason Licht, and the entire coaching staff are on the hot seat.




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